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NGM media company is an international media company located in Silicon Valley, California. Due to its favorable geographical location, we have the most developed and comprehensive Internet and platform resources. NGM is a professional communication of ideas, creative media companies. We are closely connected with the high-quality resources of various platforms in the film and entertainment industry in both China and the United States, hand in hand with Hollywood, committed to creating the first Chinese film and television culture platform in North America, and delivering high-quality Chinese film and television entertainment culture to the world.


At present, the main business of the company includes the planning and implementation of large-scale performing arts training, original content production including theatrical film production, NTV original film production /TV series and talent agency, advertising production, MV production, etc.

美国NGM传媒公司(N Global Media Inc.)是一家诞生于美国硅谷的国际传媒公司,优厚的地理位置优势让我们坐拥最发达以及全面的互联网及平台资源。NGM传媒紧密连接中美影视文娱行业的各平台优质资源,签手好莱坞,致力于打造北美第一 华人影视文化平台,向世界传递优质海外华人影视娱乐文化。NGM传媒出品多部影视原创作品,其中《硅心似箭》作为美国华人第一自制剧,成为了海外华人文化的影视风向标。目前,公司主营业务包括大型演艺活动和公关活动策划与执行、艺人经纪、影视制作、广告制作、宣传片制作、MV制作等。

N Global Media Inc

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