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More than suppliers of video equipment, N Global Media Production delivers innovative solutions. Our clients get dependable services delivered by professionals with deep local knowledge. You can be confident that we will get it right, on time, and on budget. When choosing N Global Media Production as your events supplier, you’re getting the best services at the best rates.

Photo Production Samples

Technical Services and Support Overview


  • Planning the technical requirements for your event

  • Making sure the equipment provided is the right fit for you and your venue

  • Stay within budget

Production Management

  • Clean, professional staging and setup of equipment

  • Provide proper lighting and visuals

  • Review of audio, video, and presentation requirements

  • Fully tested and operational equipment run by professionals

Meeting and Event Support

  • Experienced and friendly on-site technicians to run your event

  • Managed conferencing services for audio and video conferencing

Post Production

  • Video and audio editing services

Video Production and Commercial Samples

Parts of Videos/Photography We Did In The Past

  • 11/17 1ZGC Silicon Valley Global Innovation & Future Technology Summit ZGC Cross–Border Forum

  • 03/18 Blockchain GDC Mixer and Panel–Moderated by Yahoo! Finance

  • 04/18 Fremont Unified School District Board Meeting

  • 04/18 SVIEF-STAR Game+Blockchain Private Pitch

  • 05/18 SVIEF-STAR  Biotech and Healthcare Private Pitch

  • 05/18 Global Mobile Games Industry Conference/Global Blockchain Games Conference, San Francisco

  • 06/18 Blockchain Economic Forum 2018, San Francisco

  • 06/18 Blockchain Connect Conference, Silicon Valley 2018

  • 06/18 Disrupting Gaming With Blockchain Meeting up, San Francisco 

  • 08/18 AMA with Nervos, San Francisco

  • 08/18 SVIEF Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Fair 

  • 09/18 EventBlock World Tour

  • 09/18 Dev Meetup–Learnings From Building Blockchain Infrastructure 

  • 10/18 The Future of Layer 2, Nervos Panel

  • 10/18 A Deep Dive into Nervos Layered Design

  • 10/18 Panel: Scalability

  • 10/18 AMA with Jan Xie

  • 12/18 Blockchain Holiday Party + Future of Blockchain Gaming

  • 12/18 Coco Chain Meetup-San Francisco

  • 12/18 Gene Editing Company Commercial

  • 01/19 Dear Blockchain: Say Hello to RISC-V

  • 02/19 Workshop- Demystifying Zero Knowledge: How to Build A DApp Using zk-SNARKS

  • 03/19 Panel-What PoS cannot achieve (but PoW can) and what PoW cannot achieve, either

  • 05/19 SVCTBA-Smart City Meeting

  • 05/19 SVCTBA-East Meets West Art Expo

  • 05/22 Panel: What PoS Cannot Achieve

  • 06/19 SVCTBA-East Meets West Concert

  • 06/19 Nextdish Commercial

  • 07/19 Rust in Blockchain Meetup-San Francisco

  • 08/24 US-CHINA Relationship Summit Past 40 Years, The Present and Future

  • 08/26 Panel: Intro to Nervos CKB

  • 08/26 Panel: Eaglesong: An ARX Hash with Fast Diffusion

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