CHANNEL N includes Channel N @ FACES Deep Interview Programs and Channel N @ E Short Film Program. Channel N @ FACES is a professional, deep interview program to spread thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. This beautiful world has heterogeneous types of lives. Faces can lead them to you, giving you a new perspective on a new world. The interviewees are from America, China and all over the world. Channel N @ E is a media platform of Chinese overseas, which featuring on reality shows, short films and other types of shows. Channel N @ FACES and Channel N @ E are all broadcasted in USA and China.

  • 2018区块链之星,Top 30诞生。Channel N 受邀作为评委会成员,选出最具潜力的区块链项目,项目前10名将在人民网和链闻承办的中美创投峰会区块链论坛中宣布。

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